Day 8: Weigh In Day!

10296620_10100187375056227_1082354935763991465_nI don’t even know how to start explaining why my Mom is the best in the world.
Where do I begin?
Do I start with how my earliest memory of my mom is her holding me when I was crying and asking me “what’s the matter?”Or should I start with the times she would humor my homesick phone calls from summer camp?
How about the time she encouraged me to ask that cute Megan girl out on another date?
My Mom and I have always been close. I am incredibly blessed to have a Mom who cares, challenges and encourages me.
Thanks for being awesome, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Alright, enough mushy stuff…

So like I said last night, I wasn’t sure how today’s weigh in was going to turn out. I knew that I had put in the work, but I was going to be okay with the number no matter what because this week was a step in the right direction. Well, I had a nice surprise this week: I lost 2 pounds! Huzzah! I’m still in the 250’s, but I’m getting there! I’ve already noticed that my binging habits have eased off and I’m actually full thanks to eating real food! So who knows what next week will bring, but I’m pretty stoked to see what happens next! Week 2, here we go!

I had some delicious granola just dry. 8 points

IMG_3107 IMG_3108Lunch and snack
For lunch, I just had some delicious leftover chili (because leftover chili is the answer of all of life’s problems) and then I had an ounce Trader Joe’s AWESOME light brie with some water crackers. It’s only 2 points an ounce! SCORE! Then I had some TJ’s chocolate crisps. So all that was 12 points.

IMG_3118 IMG_3113 IMG_3110Out and about
A few years ago, Megan and I had a little herb garden in our backyard. Then one day, I watched a stray cat walk over our rosemary bush, gross stray cat belly and all. Then I almost threw up. The cat’s name was Jeffery. He was a sickly critter. Anyway, since then, we have avoided planting anything else. Today, we decided to make an elevated herb garden. We found this rust-proof shower rack (perfect for Florida humidity) and put it up with a few planters. We planted regular basil, purple basil, oregano and cilantro. We also planted some jalapenos and hot red peppers. We’re pretty stoked to see how they all turn out. I had some granola with milk for 6 points. (Does this make us Granola People now?)

IMG_3119 IMG_3122Dinner
Megan made this killer chicken and rice casserole that was about 12 points and then 4 points of ice cream. YERM!

So I got to about 42 points today which is pretty awesome. I might have forgot a thing or two (which happens) but I’m pretty happy it! Here’s to an awesome week. See ya tomorrow.

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