Day 9: Monday Time

I’m going keep this brief because I’m wiped from my run this evening. (Humidity does not a happy FFK make.) I guess I need to start writing earlier…
If you are mad, please accept this cute photo of an owl as an apology.

photo 3 copy

Detective Owl is on the case…

So today wasn’t too bad with food thanks to some smart snacking like a banana around 3 pm when I need a little pick-me up. Those little decisions really do help me avoid disaster in my eating. Almost like a guardrail that saves me from driving off a cliff (or something like that…)

Granola with milk. I’m not gonna lie, there’s not much left. GOOD THING I JUST BOUGHT SOME MORE GRANOLA INGREDIENTS YO!!!! Anyway, it was about 6 points.

photo 1 copy photo 2Lunch
Megan surprised me at lunch with made from scratch tomato soup.
(Yeah…she’s pretty awesome.)
It paired really well with a turkey sandwich with a little spicy artichoke spread. I also half an ounce of brie and some crackers. It was all about 20 points.

photo 4 copyRun
After work, I decided to go on a run. It’s been a while since I’ve ran so it was nice to get out there. I decided to go trail running, which was exhaustingly hot, but a lot of fun! Nowhere close to a record time, or even a normal pace, but it was fun! (Jumping in to the pool immediately after was a nice reward!)

photo 5Dinner
Tonight, we made some delicious vegetable curry with a raita sauce. It was monstrously filling and full of amazingness. Check out the recipe here! With rice, it was about 20 points. I was exact with my counting on this, but I know that is really close.

So today, I got to 46 points. I do impulsively eat a few things here and there and then not count them, so I’m going to be more strict about that in order to optimize my weight loss.

See ya tomorrow.


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