5 Benefits of Buying Locally Grown Food

Farmers Market FTW!
Always the best choice for fresh and seasonal deliciousness.

FSU Campus Recreation

At the core of any fitness program is a healthy diet rich in whole foods. As summer starts and more students make exercise a priority, fueling our bodies properly becomes imperative. Unfortunately, whole food options have become increasingly difficult to find in a society dominated by fast food culture. Grocery chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s offer consumers fresh whole food options but at prices that are inaccessible to most college students. For those on a tight budget looking to purchase fresh foods, Tallahassee’s farmers’ markets are the city’s best un-kept secret. Farmers from Northwest Florida and South Georgia bring their seasonal goods to sell to the public at these weekend festivals. The atmosphere is electric, and the farmers’ market provides patrons with fresh produce straight from the farm. Shaking the same hand that grew your sweet potatoes is an experience you can’t get at Publix.

Still not convinced?…

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