Day 24 Hello!

So day was full of so much PR win for the FFK blog!

Since I know most of my views have been coming from my buddy Stephan Pagano (who is one of my weight loss heroes. So much so that I wrote a post about his awesomeness a while back…) So allow me to introduce myself!

Hello. My name is Nathan, but I’m also known as the Fotographing Fat Kid. Nice to meet you! I’ve lost over 100 pounds since September 2010 and you can read my story here! You might wonder why it says Day 24 even though I’ve being on my weight loss journey since 2010. Well, a few days ago, 24 days to be exact, I hit the reset button on the whole thing to kick start my weight loss again! I hope that clears up any confusion!

So, let’s get to it!

After yesterday’s breakthrough that I didn’t need a holiday to be surrounded with food, I felt awesome and confident. Dare I say… confidently awesome! Let’s talk food!

photo 2Breakfast: I was going to swim this morning before work, but I had a crappy night’s sleep so I hit the snooze because sometimes sleep is more important than exercise (if anything so you won’t go to your job grouchy only to lose said job which leads to you not being able to afford a gym membership. See? It all works out!) Anyway, I made my favorite blueberry muffin smoothie with old fashioned oats, vanilla almond milk, fresh kale from the farmers market (which tastes so much better than the bagged variety), frozen blueberries, peanut butter and flax seeds. It was ridiculous, kids! I know it looks like mud, but it actually looked like a blended up Barney the Dinosaur. 10 points. It’s usually 8, but I added a little extra peanut butter because I’m naughty like that ;).

photo 3Lunch: I wasn’t really hungry until around 2 PM so I just decided to go Brooklyn Water Bagels for a couple of slices of pizza. I avoided the toppings to shave off some points. Every point counts, right? 15 points





photo 4Dinner: I didn’t get home until close to 8 tonight and I really wanted to just go out and gorge myself on something unhealthy. But deep down, I knew that it was something I would regret. For most of my life, that regret wasn’t enough for me to avoid that situation. Thankfully, Megan, my super stud of a wife, had an awesome idea for a deliciously filling dinner! We bought a lemon pepper rotisserie chicken from Publix along with a bag of salad and some Bolthouse Farms Parmesan Cesar dressing. I shredded up half of a chicken breast and then ate two drumsticks and a wing because I was that hungry. I was pretty proud of my awesome dinner because I have never counted my portions when we’ve gotten a rotisserie chicken. BOOM. WIN. 20 points.

For dessert, I had a glass of milk and some strawberries. 2 points.

So today I got to 47 points out of my 48 point allotment! I’m uber proud of myself today. Time to keep the momentum going! See ya tomorrow for a great Wordless Wednesday!

photo 1



2 thoughts on “Day 24 Hello!

  1. Nice job today, Nathan! I recently discovered Stephen on Instagram. What an amazing inspiration!! I’m definitely stalking … errrr, following him across social media now. 🙂 Oh, and yeah, that commercial *totally* creeps me out!

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