Day 31: My Tallahassee Democrat Debut!

FFK in the Tallahassee DemocratWhat a day!
So a while back, I became a community blogger for the Tallahassee Democrat thanks to a run-in with the awesome TD editor Bob Gabordi. On Sunday, I finally posted my first first article about New Year’s resolutions and how it is never too late to make a change. (A lot of it was inspired from this post I wrote a while back. It’s a personal favorite.) Anyway, I was told yesterday that they were considering putting it in today’s newspaper. So this morning when I was driving to work, I made a short stop to buy a paper and sure enough, it was on page 6C! How awesome is that!?! While I love the visibility of my work online, there is always something kind of validating to see your name and work in ink. Even when I covered golf from The Optimist, my paper in undergrad, I still loved reading my work hot off the press. So, yeah. Pretty awesome way to start off the day! Read the article here!

On the other end of the spectrum, I was interviewed last night by Adam and Devon Bate from the Lifestyle Accountability Show: Health and Fitness Podcast! We talked a lot about my journey, the blog and everything else in between. I said the other end of the spectrum because I frankly can’t stand the sound of my voice. So future apologies for when you listen to my terrible voice and my awkward banter. (But seriously, you should listen to it!)

So on to today!

I had one of those awesome days where I thought I was going to be uber over on my points, but I ended up being okay! Here we go!

Breakfast: PB and toast. Always a winning combination! 8 points

Transformers at Gaines Street Pies

Their tables have comics on them. I take a photo every time. This time: Transformers

 Lunch: For lunch, I met with with one of my marketing buddies Louise at my absolute favorite place in the world: Gaines Street Pies. I also ran into Monica from Running Happily Ever After! Incidentally, I won a Sport Kilt from her blog on Sunday! Anyway, I had two slices of delicious pepperoni and meatball pizza. YERM!!!!! 19 points




photo 4

After work, my buddy Tim and I decided to hit up the driving range. There’s nothing more cathartic than aggressively hitting golf balls and them traveling to upwards of three….feet. Before I went, I had a 6 point pb sandwich.

Anyway, after we were done we went over to Tallahassee’s favorite delicious shantytown Barnicale Bill’s. I decided to go delicious and healthy with a grilled grouper sandwich. Yes, I did have fries (what? I said delicious too!) and they were fantastic. Dinner was about 16 points.

So today I got to 49 points which is only a point over! I got around 3 exercise points from golf so it all evens out in the end! See ya tomorrow.






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