Day 45

This is me. I’m getting there…

So let’s get this going!

Breakfat: I made my delicious morning concoction of old-fashioned oats with creamy peanut butter and brown sugar. Holy Moses that was delicious. 8 points.

Lunch: I had another delicious concoction of chicken, curry, and Greek yogurt. I put it between some of the epic bread Megan made last week. Much yumtastic. I had a few marshmallows for dessert. 20 points.

For a snack. I had a bag of snow peas. Only 1 point!

Dinner: After a long walk around the neighborhood, Megan made this spring stir fry chicken with snap peas, red peppers and onions from Skinnytaste. Definitely check it out! It was awesome! 12 points.

So it was a pretty good day! I feel like I’m making some great progress. Time to keep it going! See ya tomorrow.

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