Who is the FFK?

What my face looks likeIn 2010, Nathan the Fotographing Fat Kid was ready for a new life. Sure he had an amazing wife and had just started graduate school at his childhood dream university, but there was something that was holding him back: his weight. Even as a child, Nathan dealt with obesity. Eating controlled his life. After years of countless attempts to get healthy, it was looking hopeless for the FFK. Then on September 18th, 2010, he took one more stab at this whole weight loss thing. That was when Nathan started posting daily accounts of his food intake and activity, along with a ridiculous anecdote or two on the FFK blog. Thanks to the support of his amazing wife Megan, his friends and family, and the online weight loss community, Nathan started to drop some serious pounds. By his 24th birthday in January 2011, Nathan was below 300 pounds for the first time in since 2001. In August 2011, Nathan reached the century mark and had lost a total of 100 pounds! After a few years of weight plateaus and suffering through arthritis that stemmed from being overweight, Nathan has still managed to lose close to 130 pounds. Recently, he officially joined Weight Watchers to help him lose the rest of his weight. His official goal weight has been set at 167 pounds. You can follow his journey up Mt. Fitintoskinnyjeans here as well as his Facebook fan page and Twitter account. His ridiculous comments and thoughts are his own.

For media inquiries, you can contact Nathan here.


8 thoughts on “Who is the FFK?

  1. Hello, you have a great column and I enjoyed your diet pluses. Probably the best thing which finally got my attention to my body was breaking my collarbone. Don’t know if I oughta be grateful to God or the boys I was taking for a walk – next thing I thought after passing out was I was seeing the Light…then realized it was the blasted sun in my eyes…Thought it a sign to butt park on the sofa for 4 months but tv got kind of boring and those daily bags of Caramels…

  2. Hey Nathan! just saw that you stopped by my blog. I love your style here! Texas and Florida..2 states I have lived in! You are doing a great job! Wow! Keep it up!

  3. I found your blog today through Earth Fare (we are getting one here in Dayton Ohio in October!!!), and I am impressed! Love your hilarious posts and I really admire you!!! I do have a question though, and I may have missed this in an earlier post, but how do you track the points, what are they based on?

    Great job, thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks for reading! I am doing an old version of Weight Watchers where you calculate the fat, fiber and calories. My wife had done WW way back when so we have just kept using it. Seem to be working so far so why stop a good thing? lol. I started with 36 daily points and now I am down to eating 20 daily points. It’s a change, but your body adjusts. Thanks again for reading and if you have any other questions let me know!

  4. Oh good I finally found somewhere were I can say…Hi! I’ve stumbled upon your blog over the summer and it’s in my daily rotation of blogs to read in the morning. You have done such a fantastic job of getting your self at a healthier weight. I’ve been struggling for months to stay on target(WW points).. Well let’s be honest since the beginning of summer..lol So hard to get it in gear. Exercise is the only thing that I think kept me from gaining back a lot of weight over the summer/fall. I walked and then some. So instead of waiting for after the holidays(going out of town for a week) I started counting last week. So great job on your goals. Think I will sit down right now and write mine out.

    Hope you and Megan have a great Christmas!

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