Runs I’ve Done

Runs I’ve Done

I ran my first 5k back in April 2010. At that point, I was still really overweight, but I trained like an athlete for that first race.

Since then, I have become a runoholic! Check out some of my previous races and times. I’m going to run a few more races in the following months so be sure to check back as the list gets longer!

2010 Mayor’s 5k
Abilene, Texas
April 10, 2010
Chip Time: 39:32
(I know there is a picture of me running in it on Facebook somewhere…)

2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot
Tallahassee, Florida
November 25, 2010
Chip Time: 37:58

2011 Capital Region YMCA Trick or Trot
Tallahassee, Florida
October 28, 2011
Chip Time: 30:38
2012 Lincoln High School Trojan Pride 5k
Tallahassee, Florida
August 11, 2012
Chip Time 28:20
2012 Tallahassee Women’s Distance Festival 5k
Tallahassee, Florida
September 15, 2012
Chip Times: 27:26
2012 Prefontaine Forest Run

Silver Lake Recreation Area, Leon County, Florida
September 22,2012
Chip Time: 28:54
(The Hardest 5k Ever)
2012 Run for Lawson
Holy Comforter Episcopal School
October 6, 2012
10k Time: 1:00:53
Placed 3rd in the Male 25-29 Age Bracket
2012 Capital Region YMCA Trick or Trot
Tallahassee, Florida
October 26, 2012
Time from Starting Line: 27:01
49th place out of 263
Turkey Trot Photo
2012 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K
Tallahassee, Florida
November 22, 2012
Chip Time: 1:26:03
Placed 232 out of 432
Nathan and Megan With Medals2013 Tallahassee Half Marathon
Tallahassee, Florida
February 3, 2013
Official Time: 2:11:50.59
Placed 434th out of 728

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