Day 44

Since yesterday was full of mixed emotions thanks to a gain and eating within my points, I was ready to keep the momentum going while improving on from last week. Weight loss definitely has its share of Pyrrhic victories where you lose a lot of battles, but eventually win the war. Either way, I am feeling good about today! Let’s break it down, shall we?

Oh yeah…Go Spurs.

Breakfast:I had Bacon and eggs with some bread that Megan made this weekend. (She makes some killer bread. Our house smelled delicious this weekend.) 10 points

Lunch:I had some leftover spaghetti that was ridiculously delicious. For dessert, I had some Trader Joe’s Frozen Greek Yogurt. It was pretty good, but it’s a little too tangy for me. I would add some honey and strawberries next time. 17 points

Exercise:Today was Start 2 Fitness workout day! (Shoutout to my Team MoWe peeps!) The first half of the hour, we did circuit training and weight machines, and then we did an endurance run on the track. During the step up station, our trainers encouraged us to hold weights while we stepped up. I picked a 40 pound kettlebell because that pretty much meant I was stepping up almost 300 pounds. It made me appreciate how far I’ve come and where I could be without that much weight attached to me. I’m really ready to get this extra weight off, folks.

Dinner:When I got home, I had a piece of bread (3 points) and a serving and a half of this delicious dish called Mujaddara. Nothing better than lentils, rice and caramelized onions. 14 points.

After dinner, I had some light brie and crackers. 5 points.

So that’s about it! 49 points of deliciousness.

See ya tomorrow.

Oh yeah…
GO USA!!!!



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