Day 436: Weigh In and Resolutions Edition

So this past week was a little crazy with unintentionally purging 8 pounds in Stomachflufest 2k11 and then just hopping around the scale. This morning, I had gained 3.2 pounds which put me at 244 even. Not too bad but I’m not thrilled. I have some big plans and gaining more weight is not a part of it. This week is going to be a lot different. A lot of working out and eating right. Starting with today.

Breakfast: I just had some Cheerios. Win.

Lunch: Blogging fail: I thought I had taken a picture of it but I hadn’t. Lame. Anyways, Megan made the classic creamy stovetop mac n cheese with broccoli. I usually eat two servings easy (because it is so awesome) but instead, I just had one serving and more broccoli instead. Smart choice FTW!

Snack: I had a cup of dry Cheerios which takes forever to eat which helps you snack slower and be fuller quicker (or something like that.)









Workout!: It was time for a much needed workout so we finally decided to head up to campus for some workout awesomeness. For the first time in a long time, I decided to lift for a while. I had forgotten how much I loved the feeling of sore arms after a good workout. Anyways, I lifted for about 30 minutes or so (which isn’t a super long time I know) and then I did the weight loss setting on the elliptical. It was alternating five minutes of quick moving and five minutes of moving through molasses. It was intense, but an awesome sweat and a bunch of calories burnt in not a lot of time. SAWS!!!

Dinner: After SAWS awesomeness, we went to Publix and picked up some sirloins for dinner. I cooked those up and we had it with some leftover mac n cheese and some of the 40 calorie broccoli and cheese pack. In any other situation this would be a decedent meal, but when you make the right changes when you cook you can cut calories pretty quickly!

Dessert: After grocery shopping and seeing our friend Catherine’s awesome band The Ned Devine’s play, we came home to the Cowboys game and made lite sundaes with lite chocolate syrup and yummy yogurt blend ice cream. Pretty awesome dessert for the game. (How bout them Cowboys BTW?)

So today wasn’t too bad. This week is going to be a good week food wise. We have our meals planned out already which will really help keep us on the right track. Alright, let’s talk about new years resolutions!

Resolution Time!!!: So I’ve been wanting to post this all week, but I didn’t have enough time to dedicate the time I wanted to this part of the post. Anyways, every year I come up with some off-the-cuff, random resolutions that aren’t things I really want to work on or care about (lame I know) so this year I decided I was going to come up with my resolutions now to make my resolutions in to habits by the time 2k12 rolls around. These resolutions were picked specifically to get back on track to where I need to be. Although it’s safe to say I’ve made some awesome progress since being 357 pounds in September of 2010, I want to keep the pace I was going and get to where I need to be physically and even mentally. So here we go…

Operation Manboob Obliteration: (For this one I was going to photoshop my head on to Helen Mirren’s body from the cover of “Calendar Girls” from 2003 (IMDB it) but I don’t have a lot of photoshopping skills… oh who am I kidding, I’m just lazy.) All my life, my obscenely large manboobs have been the target of persecution growing up. I don’t know why, but since 5th grade, a large concentration of fat has congregated in my chest region. They make me feel awkward, they make me feel fat, and they are the only part of my body that I wish I could have changed. Since I have been losing weight, the girls have shrunk considerably which has been nice, but the evidence is still there. I’m still scared to take off my shirt in public because I feel like they are my biggest physical flaw. Anyways, as you’ll read in a sec, one of my resolutions is to do more strength training, which in turn I hope will eradicate my man jugs. It’s time for them to go. I know this is going to require more time in the gym and odds are there will be loose skin involved, but it’s still better than having them full of fat. Manboobs, it’s time to go.
225 by 25: This is more of a short term goal, but again it will help kick start the other resolutions. My birthday is on January 13th (and yes, it’s a Friday the 13th birthday. Score!) and this year, I am turning the big 2-5. I feel freakin’ old and it scares the crap out of me. Initially, I wanted to be onderland by my birthday, but since I wasn’t disciplined enough to keep on track this semester, it would be unhealthy and impossible to lose that much by then. So instead, I’m shooting to reach 225 pounds by my birthday in about 34 days or so. It’s going to take some work (especially with this weeks gain) but it’s definitely possible. I do think it’s cool though that this time last year I was trying to break out of the 300’s by my birthday. My what a year can do…
Reach the 180’s: So ultimately, I want to get down to 157 to if anything say that I have lost 200 pounds (which would be insanely awesome) but by the end of 2012, I want to at least reach the 180’s. Right now, 180 even is 64 pounds away. It seems possible, but that will mean that I need to stay on track. These other resolutions will determine if this happens, but I see it as an achievable goal. At this point, the thought of even being in the 100’s sounds so awesome! AAAAAHHHHHH NO MORE JUNK FOOD!!!!!
Tie a Bowtie: (Okay, this won’t help with weight loss…) So one of my resolutions for this year was to learn how to tie a bowtie. It’s kind of hard, but I have some really awesome self tie bowties that I want to wear so I need to get to it!
Leave some more food on my plate: When I first started this whole weight loss ordeal, I had no issue leaving food on my plate and not eating seconds unless I had the points. I’m going to get back to that point. If I’m full, I shouldn’t eat any more. Like the old adage says “waste makes waste” I have enough “waste” in my body that I need to burn off as it is. Why add to it? (I was talking about fat as “waste” and not poop. Just thought I should clarify that.)
Run a 10k: In October, I was a running fiend. I had so much fun gearing up and training for the Trick-or-Trot, I want to keep running in my work out regiment because it really centers me. Anyways, I ran the 10k distance (6.2 miles) a few times while I was training and it was totally doable. I’m going to sign up for one at some point this year and maybe even train for a half-marathon, but one thing at a time right?
Eat out much less: One thing that has been catching me up this semester was eating out. When time is money like it is in grad school, eating out is so easy to do since it’s quick, good yet generally not good in the weight loss criteria. Anyways, luckily Megan will have be at home a little more this semester because she is starting her thesis so we are hoping that will make it a little easier during meal times to eat at home.
Do more strength Training: Along with my manboobage, I have developed a nice layer of loose skin across my body. While I do want more loose skin from weight loss, I really want to gain to muscle, because after all, if I’m going to lose all the weight, I might as well look good doing it right? Now strength training has never been my strong point. Give me an elliptical or a racquetball court any day, but there’s something about being around a bunch of Jersey-Shore-Meat-Headed-Roid-Raging bros that just reverts me back to insecure 8th grade Nathan. It’s the last mental hurdle I need to get across in my plan to dominate the gym. Anyways, FSU offers eight free lessons a semester but it’s first come first serve and so far I have missed it every time. This upcoming semester I’m totally going to get a spot. Also, I still have my friend’s copy of Insanity which really helped as well (it tones you quick if you stick with it) and I want to go through that (don’t worry Jacob and Emily, you can have your copy back whenever you like:)) Either way, since I am kind of short (5’9ish) I think it would help me not look so much like Danny Devito when I wear a suit too.
Finish strong in Grad School: Ah yes, Grad school. Yeah you suck. It’s time to end this and retire in to the real world where you go to work and not have homework to worry about. (I guess another resolution should be find a job…)

So there you have it. My resolutions for 2012. It should be an awesome year. Bring it on. See ya tomorrow.


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