Day 706: Bleachers and Running and Sit Ups Oh My! Edition

This was yesterday. You know, when the weather had been rainy and humid. You know, before today…the most gorgeous day since March. Unintentional mud runs are awesome and I highly recommend them.
When I was running yesterday, I wasn’t doing my best. Sure I was trying, but I wasn’t giving it all I had. I mean, I had an out: the awful weather and the incredibly muddy trail. That was until an older man ran up behind me and said “come on brother, let’s go.” So I ran…fast. Faster than I usually do. I was running the speed I knew I could but never did. It felt like driving on the highway for the first time. It was an awesome feeling. As we were coming to the end of the trail, he looked over to me and said “you only have to remember three letters-RFM: Repetitive. Forward. Motion.”
I have no clue who that man was, and I may never see him again. But that is what has been so amazing about this weight loss journey, I have gotten the push I’ve needed from random people at the moment I have needed it the most. Like when an old Pakistani man at the Anytime Fitness my parents go to told me about how he went to the doctor who said that he could either go home, keep living the way he is and die in a few years, or to go to the gym and get in shape and live longer. It’s people like that who encourage me to tell my story. Not just here in my posts, but when I see an opportunity to reach out to someone. Because at that moment, I could be the push that person needs to change their life.

(I really don’t know how to transition to the food portion of this post, so instead I have added this sentence in parenthesis to serve as a barrier.)

So for those of you who don’t live in the South, fall has finally arrive south of the Mason Dixon. It was actually cool this morning when we were going to church, instead of being humid and gross like it usually is (it’s not usually humid and gross only when we go to church…words…I’m not good with them.) Anyway, Megan decided to make homemade delicious pumpkin spice lattes! They were awesome and it went well with my peanut butter and honey english muffin.

For lunch, we went with some friends to Jason’s Deli! I went with the salad bar as always. So much deliciousness!

Our Ridiculous Escapade to Target Since Target is super close to Jason’s (because someone knows the way to this 18-35 year old male’s heart and pocketbook) we went over there to check out the new Shops line that just came out and all of Target’s other regular awesomeness.
When we were skulking around the clearance section, we found those superfluous plates and bowls that look like they have food inside of them. That was when our friend Julie had an awesome idea for a Jedi Weight Loss Trick: put carrots in the faux Tostito’s bowl and you’ll think “oh hey! we’re eating chips and not carrots!” BRILLIANT!!!! 50 points for Dowerdor!

Also, I had a venti skinny caramel macchiato because I had a BOGO deal for a Target-only Starbucks!

Exercise and Stuff This evening, I decided to make use of this amazing weather and set out to do some bleachers inside the largest brick structure in the United States: Doak flippin’ Campbell Stadium. I ran over there, which is about 1.25 miles, and then I ran up and down the bleachers from row 1 to row 83 three times before I thought I was going to die. Although there were a few people doing the same thing with the same exasperated look on their faces, there was this one lady that beasted out every section. I want to be that lady. (Wait, what?) Anyway, like most stadiums, there are massive ramps that zigzag to the top. I ran up a section of those while doing an exercise like sit ups and push ups at each turn. I was exhausted by the end of it, but it felt great. Not to mention I burned 800 calories. Sweet action.

Din-Din Tonight, I broke out the George Foreman (and no, I have never stepped on it when it was cooking me breakfast in bed) and grilled up some burgers. It’s crazy how much grease comes off even from 90/10 beef! I also baked some tots (and no, Randy didn’t ask me for any of them. So many ridiculous references in this post!) and had some baked beans on the side. Instead of hamburger buns, we used english muffins. I have to say, it was a pretty awesome meal.

So that’s about it for tonight. I feel pretty good about my weigh in on Tuesday. Hopefully it’s not just a bad hunch like that first hunch the detective gets in every episode of Law & Order I have ever watched. See ya tomorrow.


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